Somedays, I want to write.

I want to write about the many wonders of life that exist beyond my four walls –of the air-conditioned, monotonous office buildings.
I want to write about the struggles of the fruit-seller on the streets, or the bus driver’s mental state while navigating through the most crowded routes of Bangalore.
I want to write about the dreams and aspirations of the artist who sits next to me, his crafts waiting their turn as his mind is busy, engaged on the screen for hours together.
I want to write about my dreams – those that I’ve conquered and the many that are left unsaid and unknown – awaiting their chance in the shadows like specs of dust floating around – not knowing if they will keep wafting about or find a place to call its home.
I want to write about the freedom that the wind experiences – as it breezes across oceans and swarms through cities, gliding gleefully atop mountains, and plunging restlessly down into the valleys. I want to listen to its thrilling stories of people encountered, of animals fierce and friendly, of its rendezvous with trees, colorful flowers, and broken leaves, of billowing for hours on treacherous territory until it’s found its way to me – oh the stories untold!

Somedays, I want to write.

Love thy Lexicon?


I’m back after a short hiatus with something slightly unusual for this blog. So far I’ve written about traveling,people and random emotions. Today I’m going to delve into another past time of mine, lexicology.

Now for the unassuming folk, a lexicon refers to the vocabulary of a language. So a lexicologist studies words, their nature and meaning. I’m just an amateur but it fascinates me that there is a word for everything and We only have to find it.


So here are a few words that I found awfully interesting and I wanted to share it for ‘the greater good’. (pun intended)

What I’m doing with my blog or why I even have one can be summed up in just one word!


The process of shedding intense memories or emotions by expressing them through writing or art. (And here I thought I was being poetic, talking about monsoon, nature and people! )



When I first came across this word, I was reminded of Enid Blyton’s Omnibus! (A compilation of all her great work). But an Ombudsman has no connection to collection.

He or she, in fact, is an appointed official whose duty is to investigate into the complaints against companies or government departments.




An enthusiast of films and cinema. (Read me).

I have watched an obscene number of films on the big screen in the four years since I started engineering. It would be a huge fiasco If I were to reveal the number at home. But more on that later.



Now this isn’t as unique as the others but I couldn’t resist sharing it because when I first read it without paying close attention, I managed to get it to rhyme with Orangutan! Not very unlike the animal, the word symbolizes something that’s huge, immense or tremendous!



Now this one is just cute! How can you resist not using this word? Consider it an endearment to creatures.


“Orology.” clip

Now I cannot see how knowing this would do you any good. But for those of you who love heights, perhaps the study of mountains would be a good past time.



To lecture instead of just stating an opinion.

This is what my Brother did when I passed a snide comment about Manchester United. And no, I do not care who wins the damned match!


Now without pontificating too much, I’m going to sign off and listen to a “gamut” of soulful music.

*Gamut-means a wide range of something.

P. S.

Twinks! Thanks for the gamut of words 😀