#ThirtyTrinkets Day 16


Welcome to another cool morning and a freezing classroom that gave my feet frostbite. Well, almost. 

In anticipation of a big day tomo, (bestie visiting me) I used Google extensively to scout out all I can do in this city. She’s a history buff and loves gardens, she’s sure going to be home in this city. In all my excitement, I ignored my time of the month and it’s annoying me now. Yes stomach, you can ache all you want. But you better get done with this tonight. No ruining my D Day. 

I’ve got to marvel at the timing. Just today morning I was scouting for an example as a part of assignment. And I came across Whisper ‘s Touch The Pickle campaign on  social media. 

When a girl gets her first period, it is almost a celebration of her womanhood. I remember it when I got it. There were excited whispers and a few relatives were told, and I was aghast. It’s personal right and as kids,  how much do we really know about it. I’ve got to say, yes. It definitely made me feel impure because of the things that I wasn’t supposed to do. But the most humilating tales will always be the one with stains. 

I had a whole host of questions that went unanswered. My grandma told me I’d learn all about it in school. And yes, eventually I did. Still wondering why just the females have to deal with it. It’s a weird fascinatiom isn’t it?  If you get it, it aches and If you don’t, that’s another pain altogether. 

I’m afraid I’m diverting from my trinkets. Too late eh. Actually the trinket is just an excuse to get talking. 

Picked up this funky pair on Ibrahim street.  There’s this tiny outlet near the side of the mosque that sells a whole lot of trinkets but you gotta choose carefully. 

I’ve got a birthday wish to deliver now,o it’s ‘Arth Vader’ s bday. Adios Amigos! 

#ThirtyTrinket Day 14


This be the day of fluttering by, aka the butterfly. Bought these lovelies off the train during my short and severe stint in Mumbai during the internships days. It’s a delight wearing these😊

You know the days when you Just want to leave the room with a backpack and your walking shoes? Today seemed like a perfect day for that.

With a solitary class in the day and nothing concrete to do, a trip to the city away from this pretty hills was a welcome relief. It’s amazing just how many times you set out on a journey without knowing your destination but eventually end up with some good memories. 

I’ve spend very less time with my Roomie outside of the room and it was a pleasant bonding that we had over chicken wings, coke, and parantha. Also explored a new bakery cum cafe in the area and was enamoured by the chocolate bomb which acted like the icing on our cake.

I wish I could tell someone about the adventures of my day but I don’t think I can approach them with the shared ease and camaraderie that was characteristic of us a little while ago. Time I tell you and ego. They’re the worst deterrents of bonds.

So long!

#ThirtyTrinkets Day 12

After a rather tumultuous break on the blog front, I’m back for the long haul. It’s a pleasant albeit slightly gloomy welcome to the beautiful symbiosis campus, oh so often do I thank my stars for this bliss. Four and half hours of CRM lecture and tomorrow’s off seems legit. So ‘Nya, ‘Lya and I are embarking on Pune Darshan tomorrow. I have my doubts about the trip owing to monsoon but come on, it’s now or never. If you’ve thought it, you ought to do it.

On an unrelated yet extremely important note, else I wouldn’t be doing justice to the title, I wore these pretty scorpion trinkets today. 

Scorpions bring a certain element of distrust in me and reminds me of the poem we had in Class ten. 

#ThirtyTrinkets Day 11

I’m finally home after a short hiatus at college. I wanted to write this post the night I was traveling, but lethargy.


This pair of small cute, black studs was gifted to my by me ex. No, not that kinda ex.  My! Your imagination runs. Alright, it was a gift from Priyanka who was my roomie for year one of college. She’s this bubble of energy who can charm even the most reserved people. I couldn’t even believe that she had a science background in her graduation because she’s just the perfect journalist that I’d always pictured in my head. And we’ve parted Ways on the room front to accommodate other people, but we’re always bumbling into each other in the corridors or rooms.

I was trying to read The Alchemist but I could progress much as I had the night bus and I was travelling with a friend. There’s something very comforting about travel that it relaxed you and opens you to a whole lot of thoughts that you wouldn’t normally have if you were sitting in your bed and wondering what to do.
Anyway, this time, on reaching Bangalore, I took the local Bmtc bus instead of a plush cab. It was pleasant weather and the ride, although an hour in itself, was relatively peaceful. Not many people know I’m in the city, it was such a hasty decision after all.

More on Bangalore Times, later. Adios for now!

#ThirtyTrinkets Day 10

Today’s the day of the dragonfly.


A dragonfly usually always reminds me of Professor Trelawney because of her bejeweled appearance. It’s been raining like crazy on the hills and classes have been a real bore. I’ve slept through three classes back to back and even hid below the computers, in the closely cramped room to avoid having to do anything. I began to re-read The Alchemist and balanced it out with some Archie Comics and an ebook, The Mistborn. I’ve just booked tickets to go home for the week, and I can’t help feeling relieved and glad.
More stuff tomorrow, adios amigos!

#ThirtyTrinkets Day 8

It’s animal patterns again! For the perfect Friday that involves a little bit of splurging and a tiny bit of pampering, staying nocturnal seems only natural!


Got this cute pair on FC Road. Pune ‘s shopping destination for the budget friendly, college going kids. Both, Nya and I were enamored with this and we each got it! It’s one of those favorite studs for a boring day, when you’re really not into dressing up.
Also, owls are a personal favorite. Must have Been all that Harry Potter that got drilled into me.

#ThirtyTrinkets Day 7

Back in sixth grade, when I was friends with the three wonders of the world, Natty always used to say this particular phrase that I’m reminded of, everytime that I see this pair of earrings and I instantly want to wear them.


Her phrase? ‘Kismat ka taala, khul gaya!’ it’s so cute when a twelve year old says something like that with. You just want to stop what you’re doing and state.
Yes, these earrings are from Riyadh. I still have a couple of trinkets from Saudi that are personal favourites and this is one of them. I was too sleepy yesterday, and there was a lot of gossiping in my room, for me to take time off and write yesterday’s. So it’s the first thing I’ve done today. As I write this, I’ve already made up my mind to bunk the first hour of lecture, do some laundry and finish off some long pending work. And guess what! Imma meet Saman the Baman today. If you don’t already know her, scroll back until you find the post and have a good laugh!
Adios, amigo πŸ™‚

#ThirtyTrinkets Day 6

Stud earrings have been a favorite since ages. Compact and professional, I love how easy it is to make style statements with these.

Diamond studs for elegance

This pair was gifted to me by just another guy, who’s ironically been an instrumental part of my life.

I almost came close to losing one of this today but I’m glad that I realised it in time. This earring goes back to the day I landed an internship, after a relatively long period of rejection. Was one of the most pleasant days in the longest time. More on that, later! πŸ™‚

#ThirtyTrinkets Day 5

What better way to test your resolve at writing everyday than by making a commitment to yourself that you wouldn’t dare to defy.

For day five of my project, I chose these cute little butterflies.


Flutter by.

I bought these cutsies in Pondicherry on a hurried and hassled trip. This is the easiest earrings to chose when you’re confused about what to match your outfit with! I bought this in those exhibition stalls when dad and I sneaked off away from aunt and mom to explore the bazaars of the area.