Hi there!

I hope the world is treating you fine. I know it’s been a while and I haven’t really written much except for heartfelt poems that take on a bit of vanity and diverge from true feelings, because of the need to appeal to the poetic sensibilities.

I love writing in Italics. I remember going to my first job interview. It was for the post of a content writer and I had to write two articles before I was shortlisted for the interview. First job, start-up scenes and everything happened in a matter of a few hours. I just got ready at five thirty pm and told my folks that I was going to this place.. I’ve got the second round – that of an interview. They didn’t know I applied to one. (Oh wait. I see a trend here. They didn’t know I applied to SIMC either.) Dad dropped me to the office and although I was called ‘immediately’, the recruiters did not seem to be in any hurry to talk to me. I waited, observed, smiled at some people and just sat there wondering – what do I expect? What do I talk about myself.

I was finally ushered into a room and it was a very relaxed interview. I vividly recall the interviewer saying, ‘Your articles were fine and all. There were a few errors that aren’t too serious. But tell me, was there any purpose that you kept it all in italics?’.

‘I just like how it flows’, was my response. There was some amount of bewilderment in his expressions and then we laughed it out. But it’s true. I like that things will flow. Do you know, a hand-writing expert once said to me in 10th grade, that how you right actually reveals a lot about your state of mind. A left title to your overall writing indicates that you tend to linger in the past, a right-side tilt means that you are constantly thinking about the future. Yes, those of you with a straight, no-tilt writing, are more rooted in the present. P1120314

It’s amazing isn’t it? Little things that have so much significance. My room-mate and I are currently watching Westworld and I can’t help but think about the reveries bit. Small, seemingly insignificant things, harboring greater impacts than seen on the surface.

I’m digging through the archives for old photos and memories. Will be back soon.

So long, amigos. Stay safe! 🙂 



Mind-less-ness Much?

It’s one of those days when your mind needs a holiday.

After a particularly relaxing weekend, you may wonder why you need the luxury of a holiday but what’s in the mind is at times far too intense than what’s outside, for real. But then, you could disagree with me. ‘Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?’ Okay, point taken. Everything is real, okay? Okay.

I feel a bit off  today. I think I finally realise, you can NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, force friendships. It shouldn’t have come across as a surprise to a skeptic like me, but when it comes to people, I surprise myself with the ideology of hope.

You can be nice to people but you still have a selected group of ‘your people’ and this is not even in the Meredith-Yang kind of way. You just have a close-knit group and you could not care less about the rest. I find this really disappointing.It infuriates me when people leave answers and decisions hanging. I asked a mate for some help and she excitedly agreed. I waited for a while, hoping she’d perhaps bring up the topic herself so that I don’t feel like I’m imposing, but it never comes. Why don’t you just be blatant from the very beginning and say No? I’d appreciate the frankness and respect the No. I know how hard it is to say No. How annoying is it to have your hopes quashed ever so often?

I go back to college in a month and I’ll be in the midst of such groups again but you won’t see me amid those huge, supposedly ‘fun’ peeps. I don’t get groups. I tried being a part of them and then my mind began shutting out people. I’ve got space for a few, perhaps just two. And I’m still not going to differentiate between your people and mine.


Here’s an interesting picture.

My nomad friend says it has as many interpretations as you’d want it to have. I think I can sum it up in just one word – Life.

Care to discuss it? If yes, then comment. If not, then good day to you amigo.











You remember those pretend games that you played in childhood? Building forts made out of sheets, cushions, empty boxes and myriad shades of your mom’s dupattas and sarees? At some point in time, every one of us usually has played such games where you pretend you’re living in a small universe of your own, a cocoon in the seeming vastness of your home.

Who said they were restricted to childhood? Look around you and you’ll still see walls, albeit they are invisible. Everybody has walls. Some may admit it and some won’t but they are usually there, lurking in a strange anticipation of forbearance – one wrong move from your side and they’ll slide back in place faster than you can say walls.

Why do we have walls?

I’m no expert on psychology and I probably have the worst clairvoyance when it comes to predicting people. Can say that with some experience – the people whom I thought I’d never get along at first meeting, are the ones who’ve become imperative to my survival. Of course, at the end of the day you’re all alone but then there are fleeting seconds when these people, they just make your day. They make you feel so genuinely alive – it’s a marvellous feeling what people bring on in each other.

Oh, walls. Basically, they are to protect the tender hearts from the harsh existence of reality.

As I type this, I’m sitting in my own fort – obscured from plenty of prying eyes, I’ve converted my balcony into a mini fort. It feels pretty amazing and I can hear loud music with great tempo – too bad the grounds are so dusty. I nearly sneezed a large furball of dust after having temporarily jumped to the DJ’s tune. I realised that I was not able to capitalise on the moment wholly. Hey, to think about it, during the crappy engineering days when we had those weird holidays called fests (True to its name, Swayam was only attended by swayam us college dwellers, nobody else bothered to travel to this derelict location in the outskirts of Bangalore, a mile away from the jewel of the city – the first famous IT Park of Bangalore), there was a barricade placed to allow either of the genders to dance on either sides. Right, so much for living in the modern world.

I’ve often wondered whether under normal circumstance as you are overtaken by thoughts that may not seem related, would there ever be a period of blank? Yes, meditation seems to be the perfect answer to this. But I’m not looking to consciously streamline them. Let your thoughts flow and you will realise that everything eventually connects and you’re off leagues away from the inception. Yes, now you understand the randomness of this post?