With the girl…

I stare at the world with a curious eye. These past few weeks have been a very hectic phase for me. I’ve never had to scuttle off from place to place at such short notice. The last break I had, I would stay put in one place for almost three to four months before being dragged to the city.

I’m curious now because this place is so different from the others. I like to think I’ve had a pretty sheltered existence – flights over trains, buses over bikes, and all that. But things changed a few years ago. For a while, I had to part with her and be steered by another older person, however, I think she likes having me around. I’ve always been there when she’s needed escape.

I moved out of the home with her and tasted the delicious scent of freedom– with a heavy yet hopeful heart. I was so happy to be outside the confines of my room, if only for a short travel and then to another room. It’s been a good journey and I like her. She seems to know how to handle me and I seem perfect for her.

Coming back to the places I’ve been with her – I must say in 4 weeks of my life, the amount of traveling I did in this humongous city is what I’d never done yet. The most entertaining was when she took me out on a date to her workplace. We traveled the roads and I was appalled at how filthy it was. I had trouble avoiding the potholes, skipping the barred drain openings marred by the grubby remains of paan. It was weird. It was ‘People, people everywhere. And not a person to talk to’. Perhaps this is the way it is with people – they’re surrounded by so many people yet there are very few that they can trust and share their deep, dark secrets with.

Hand in hand we walked up the slant and unruly steps, the engineering marvel that is the railways, the narrow crowded streets of the city, into lifts, buses and what not. That day I think I saw it all. Her hands were aching but she did not let go of me – her grip remained tight and possessive. I liked it. She carried me through those long staircases, heaving, and puffing, through the wide roads and into the lift again until we finally reached our new home.

I loved every bit of it because I don’t get to see much stuff and that day, I felt like she and I shared a special bond. One that will be a testament to our friendship for a long time.

This is rare because, after all, I’m just a trolley case.