Serene Sights…

As I sit across my balcony and try to work on my laptop, I cannot help diverting my attention from the screen ahead to the screen far beyond. It’s a beautiful evening with the most bizarre clouds and the ascent of dusk holds a promise of a more beautiful twilight.

The colours in the sky are fading fast and every time I look into my screen, the colours change, making it harder for me to describe the beauty.

It’s honestly so satisfying to take in this view. I see students from other colleges buzz about their hostels, dressed in formals, folders in hand, out to reclaim their destinies, get packages that make you go Wow. Would they but stop and marvel at the wondrous sky they’s be amazed at the power it holds.

A series of lights stare at me from the distant horizon, some twinkling, some steady. They seem to tell me to calm down and live this moment. To take it in like a wandered with throat so parched, he appreciates even the solitary drop of water. I take it in.

I heed you. The seemingly infinite, which can be expressed not in words. I’m tempted to offer you a picture, but for that I’ll have to bend into the room and get my mobile, those precious moments away from the gala screen, I do not want to miss. So I shall hold you to your imagination – of serene hills, an impressing hostel, and the pretty lights that twinkle like tiny stars, beckoning with a sweet smile and a message – Swalllow, Breathe and Smile, And all will be well! 🙂