Sharp Objects – A review and some pangs

I set outside my home much like Camille Preaker dressed in jeans, tee, a windcheater despite it being a hot evening and my sling bag for company.

My hair is free flowing and loose like hers, it moves lazily with every small burst of wind that encounters me. I feel this immense energy in me to write and I head to the closest park that affords some privacy because of its size.

I reach the nearest bench and I collapse with my phone.. Trying to bring my head together over what I just watched and discussed.

Sharp Objects isn’t like any other TV show. It was short, sweet and dizzying. Where shows like ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ can’t get into intricacies of characters, this show had an alarmingly real protagonist and very real characters essayed so beautifully that you’re convinced that you were just in the living room of this pretty mansion, in countryside America. Except, you suddenly wake up when your dog licks you and you’re home, your perceived comfort zone, far away from baby killers.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this show is the use of flashbacks at just the right scenarios. You’re confused about the time line, you take a moment to register what’s being shown and suddenly your hair’s standing on ends compelling you to realign your position with the screen.

I thought Amy Adams was a fantastic actor after American Hustle, which isn’t saying much but after Sharp Objects, I can’t stop raving about her.

Also, Gilian Flynn you’ve done it again. After Gone Girl, just when you thought shit couldn’t get creepier, lo and behold. This woman is the mistress of psycho thrillers and there’s no two ways about it!

While I’m still reeling under the trauma of the thriller, I’m eager to get my hands on the book for my friend just told me some of those subtle nuances that the show didn’t do justice to and I want more closure.

So if you find yourself craving a thriller, albeit slow paced and all of 8 episodes, I’d recommend Sharp Objects.

Give it a watch and let me know your reviews in a comment below!


P. S. Bless your heart.