Ramblings. No- wait, Musings! In the end, does it even matter?

Undoubtedly everyone you know is cribbing about how 2020 has turned out to be such a disaster for them. It’s ironic because this was the year that was to change several lives! A special year, the kind that literally happens once in a Millenium! 

And here we are, washing hands, sanitizing, and cursing the fates that messed up so bad! 

If there was no Coronavirus, would there be anything novel about 2020?

Perhaps there would be a lot of mundane nothings, no break from your routines, several more canceled Goa plans, and maybe an unplanned trip would have taken place. Or maybe it would have been just another year – of highs and lows, and expectations, and disappointments, or maybe some happiness. But, we’ll never know, shall we?

What would you be doing if there was no COVID-19 to put a dampener on your spirits?

What are you doing now?

Are you one of those productive people who can transform their lives in such constrained times? 

Or are you simply cocooned in the warm confines of your room, letting the concept of time rollover you like the Brownian motion of dust?

Are you fighting your inner butterfly as she remains caged by her surroundings?

Or are you a reckless dragonfly, alive and happy, enjoying May for all its offerings?

What are you? And how are you surviving? 

Because if I had it my way, I’d say, ‘Wake me up when September Comes’, for these three months that are yet to pass, they’re bound to be the hardest months yet. Could I perhaps disappear into a novel and stay sane? Or could I discover a series and remain there? Whatever I do, could I just escape this? For frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Mind-less-ness Much?

It’s one of those days when your mind needs a holiday.

After a particularly relaxing weekend, you may wonder why you need the luxury of a holiday but what’s in the mind is at times far too intense than what’s outside, for real. But then, you could disagree with me. ‘Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?’ Okay, point taken. Everything is real, okay? Okay.

I feel a bit off  today. I think I finally realise, you can NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, force friendships. It shouldn’t have come across as a surprise to a skeptic like me, but when it comes to people, I surprise myself with the ideology of hope.

You can be nice to people but you still have a selected group of ‘your people’ and this is not even in the Meredith-Yang kind of way. You just have a close-knit group and you could not care less about the rest. I find this really disappointing.It infuriates me when people leave answers and decisions hanging. I asked a mate for some help and she excitedly agreed. I waited for a while, hoping she’d perhaps bring up the topic herself so that I don’t feel like I’m imposing, but it never comes. Why don’t you just be blatant from the very beginning and say No? I’d appreciate the frankness and respect the No. I know how hard it is to say No. How annoying is it to have your hopes quashed ever so often?

I go back to college in a month and I’ll be in the midst of such groups again but you won’t see me amid those huge, supposedly ‘fun’ peeps. I don’t get groups. I tried being a part of them and then my mind began shutting out people. I’ve got space for a few, perhaps just two. And I’m still not going to differentiate between your people and mine.


Here’s an interesting picture.

My nomad friend says it has as many interpretations as you’d want it to have. I think I can sum it up in just one word – Life.

Care to discuss it? If yes, then comment. If not, then good day to you amigo.