Dil, Dhadakne Do?

Dysfunctional families, complicated relationships and societal pressures. Those are the exact words to describe ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’. My apologies for the late review, but I had resisted watching this movie because I found it to be way too hyped when I saw the trailer. After having been subjected to a boring drive when Sherlock was too much to handle, I switched over to Dil Dhadakne Do – Let Your Heart Beat.

As I write this post, I have seen three-fourth of this movie. I write this with an ironic eye. What is this movie if not a mirror to our lives? The realities that some of us distance ourselves from, the elusive dream, the status that we crave, the desires that are perhaps not fulfilled when you want them the most… and we shrug it away like it really doesn’t matter when deep in your heart, you know you’ll always crave for it.

The movie mirrors many of these and for some strange and sickening reason, maybe because I am a cynic, I feel that the end of this will be just the way are – aware yet ignorant.

Choosing to bear things than to fight them through. Fighting takes courage, even in admitting what you know to be the truth. Sometimes, actually a lot of times, it is just easier to give in.

And Now that I’ve finished watching the movie, I have to admit that a little more optimism won’t be a bad thing.

Why does the end have to be so dramatic? I’m sure people will get the subtleties too but no, this is Bollywood and it thrives on melodrama.

Because airport scenes are passe, we now have the protagonist jump into the water to go and find his love, not withstanding the fact that he can arrested for trespassing through territorial waters. Dude, you could have at least taken your wallet or passport?

Of course, his entire family has to jump into one lifeboat not without prior drama. For reasons unbeknownst to rationality, the Indian dudes have to ambush the ‘goras’ with their sheer strength and power, and let the patrons truimph. I don’t think we’ll ever move on to make commercial movies without naach gaana or ridiculous jugaad.


Here’s to happy endings though. Because believe it or not, if not everything, some things in life, they will turn out just fine:)

Dil? Dhadakne Do. 🙂