The decade that was.

2010 saw me stepping into a dreaded dream, a four year intensive engineering degree, and chemical at that.

2011 saw me falling in love, and getting my heart broken.

2012 saw me trying to piece together fragments of my heart, my mind, and my dreams.

2013 saw me end up with a fuck you, I’ll go with the flow attitude.

2014 saw me get a job as a content writer. My very first interview as a technical writer, a job that I refused even before knowing the pay, because I opted for what I thought was more fun. No regrets, it got me two very nice friends. And also set the base for what to expect in a startup.

2015 saw me pushing limits in a whole new environment! I gave up my job, contemplated a loan and entered an MBA college, Symbi Pune, for a degree in media management at that.

2016 saw me being invincible, falling out of and into love, and got me a much desired placement and a boyfriend who’s as different as cheese to my chalk.

2017 saw me struggle to stay sane, pay rent, and enjoy a non working holiday.

2018 saw me reclaim my room after three years of living away. A year in which I changed three jobs, and had the best trip until now – Pondicherry with my bestie.

2019 saw me face my future and put me on a journey of cultural chaos in my personal life and orderly chaos on the professional front.

This 2020, I know a lot will change and I welcome it with open arms and as many good vibes as I cab muster. Come what may, I’m glad that for now, I’m ending the decade the way I dreamt of doing. In my bed, snuggled with my best blanket, sleepy and content!

See you on the other side folks!

How has your decade been?