The Neverland that is Perfection

You read that right.

Perfection is underrated – or so I believe. In the world of digital and social validation, when you can get that so-called perfect food delivered from the many cafes clobbering each other up, it’s disappointing when you set out in search of something, and your goal falls short of your expectations.

The path to perfection is tedious, but what’s worse is expecting others to be perfect, and being a hypocrite about your own shortcomings. And you still find a way to justify that don’t you?

But this is a rant, and I’m allowed to express distaste instead of licking my own wounds.
If I had a dollar for every time and thing that people manage to screw up, I’d be a wealthy person assuming I didn’t spend it on stationery, earrings, bags, or food. Not that I’m saying I have an excess of these, but hello, an attire can only be perfect if the accessories are matching aren’t they?
Also, having enough of things doesn’t and cannot amount to choice overload!

Do you know what’s the most frustrating thing though?
Seeing your people struggle against the most silliest of problems. If only they’d listen to you – sound logical advice that’s a win-win for everybody. But no. What’s in their head, has and will always be the bible for some.
Or do they listen to their gut? But this is an abomination. How can you survive two seconds when your earphones are MIA! The distance between one’s gut and one’s mind has thus increased exponentially thanks to these new extensions dangling around the neck.

I quite appreciate how impatience and the quest to perfection go hand in hand. It’s a union that’s meant to be, man!

And that’s how you end up in the quagmire like this. Let the frustration build up, screw your nose, roll your eyes, and get on with your mundane doings. After all, even rants change nothing!

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