Just another rant.

It’s a Friday afternoon and the weather is sultry. Not as hot as the desert heat, and it isn’t pleasant in its usual Bangalore fashion either. It’s mostly, step out of your home and you’ll regret leaving the place, kinda warm.

How does that matter to me? I’m sitting inside, cool as a cucumber and contemplating on life while watching the first few episodes of ‘How to get away with Murder’.

It isn’t easy, I figure… And it was never meant to be easy. It’s a day of realizations…

Of late I have been meeting a few people, trying to understand where they come from, and what’s life for them… I see everyone going through life in a similar manner – there’s work, you work to make money, you keep your friends close, pretend that you care about them when you can no longer avoid meeting them, gain more family on the way, juggle, prioritize, call it what you want… There will be days when you want to just quit everything and be still. What then? Do you find yourself at inner peace then? Or do you freak out because for once, there are no rules to tell you what time to wake up or when to show up.

Why is the idea of a start up so alluring even if a lot of people out there don’t have great business plans? It’s the fact that you are not answerable to anyone. Can there be a bigger ego rush than that?

What’s it with workplaces and people, how is it that we can let small incidents, small acts have such a huge impact on entire perceptions of organisations. How is it that motivation is so few and lacking to those of us who actually see the underbelly of businesses and cannot be trusted to carry on with the nonchalant ease of the corporate slave.

Neither can we make peace with inaction. Where is the middle ground for us? Where do we go from here?



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