The Perfect Pair

While stepping out of a large restaurant, Boo who was inches ahead of me, navigated through a seemingly closed exit and looked back at me for I hadn’t moved. On being accosted with a questioning glance, I replied that I was evaluating whether there really was an exit out there.

‘So you won’t follow me blindly?’, he asked.

‘Of course not,’ I answered. ‘I’d have to be smart enough to pull us both out of trouble, right. That won’t happen if I follow you without any questions asked.’

‘Good come back, but basically you won’t follow me!’ comes the retort.

‘Well, I wouldn’t ideally to be the Gaandhari to your Dhritarashtra do I?’, I quipped.

That was applaud worthy but mister wasn’t so pleased at not having the upper hand.

A momentary pause later I wanted to add that I’d rather be more like – -Wait! I couldn’t Say Draupadi, I’d then have to find four other equally enticing men.

Could I say Kunti? Having an untouchable better half who’s only rise to fame is because of his sons!? No way.

Radha? What!? No, they never unite except for in famed temples that become huge branded kiosks selling religion!

Well, I gave up looking for inspiration in Indian mythology. Clearly, my search for the perfect couple can’t be found in Mahabharata.

I just strung my arm around Boo with a cheesy smile that said, ‘You know I’ll always be right here!’ and that was that.