Coffee and conversation with the self. 

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf reads the tissue that accompanies my Caramel ice blended coffee. As I sit sipping on overpriced cold coffee in a Cosy corner of a swanky mall, I can’t help but wonder about the un-umaginative choice of name for this cafe that was established in 1963. The thought of imagination in  names reminds me of my roomie. Apparently her Dad insisted on bestowing upon my roomie a name that rhymed with her sister. ‘You have no imagination’  said my roomie’s mother to her husband and proceeded to name her quite exotically. 

Sitting here in this fancy ambience, I’m also pondering over my abject dislike for a certain coffee house that is bound to have franchises in every other road, literally. My dislike probably seeped in because of my inability to afford such grandiose coffee, which despite the tall claims, doesn’t guarantee an amazing beverage. 

I came here to shop. Don’t ask me for what. Oh yes. I’m in dire need of footwear because I’m down to my last pair of fancy comfortable footwear and I don’t have th  regular ones to wear to work. Despite checking out the bigwigs among the shopping stores, I wasn’t successful. I have funny feet. They prefer completely flat flats. And it’s difficult to find those. 

I was supposed to go to a parlor today. But there’s a certain reluctance in the air when it comes to trying a new place and style. The old haunts and practices are so set that it becomes extremely difficult to make the new happen. 

I am almost down to the last few gulps of this coffee. I might as well take in the ambience and leave in sometime.

Adios Amigos.


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