Dark Days

Money can buy you food and tickets to home and from home when you feel the need to get out. 

If money is doing that, that’s happiness isn’t it. Money can buy you happiness. If only you know where to look. If you don’t have to think so much about clicking your mouse and making that transaction. If you don’t have to live by societal dictated, gender defined roles, rules  and regulations, you’ll know know what to do. 

What happens when you’re unconventional in your thinking yet you can’t convince someone dear to step out of the darkened room? 

You’ve got to get into the dark yourself, sever ties, or force your person out, which I’m sure isn’t an ideal situation. 

What to do then? Do you knowingly give yourself into the darkness and become what you dread? Do you accept the darkness and become part of its roots? Do you sever ties and just run? Away and on, not knowing where you will go. Do  you have that courage?