New people. 

You know that feeling when you get so comfortable with your homies, you stop looking for friendship from the other people in the universe? Well, that’s a scary place to be.  But it’s also nice knowing that you don’t have to keep finding people all the time. I’m usually amazed at how some people just hit it off with everyone they meet. Everyone? How!? 

I wasn’t looking for new connections that would mean a lot in such a short span of time.. But I cannot imagine the past few days any differently. I just love how some positivity can change the way you feel about life..I’ve always wanted to go visit our neighboring countries since childhood.. It’s been a dream and my resolve has only becomee stronger now. Thanks ‘Shna,’Uja and’Aid for helping me break a few stereotypes in my mind. 

I also happened to meet one of the people who recruited me to this organization where I currently work at. I was trying to go upto him and speak from a long time but there never was an opportunity. When I finally spotted him talking to a friend, I went over to say  hi and it was a privilege to have him remember my name. He asked whether we were settling in well and if we liked everything. He even remembered my blog. I mean. Wow. People amaze me, they do. You’ve got the extremes everywhere but it’s really nice coming up on genuine nice gems. Goodnight, amigos!