Hi there!

I hope the world is treating you fine. I know it’s been a while and I haven’t really written much except for heartfelt poems that take on a bit of vanity and diverge from true feelings, because of the need to appeal to the poetic sensibilities.

I love writing in Italics. I remember going to my first job interview. It was for the post of a content writer and I had to write two articles before I was shortlisted for the interview. First job, start-up scenes and everything happened in a matter of a few hours. I just got ready at five thirty pm and told my folks that I was going to this place.. I’ve got the second round – that of an interview. They didn’t know I applied to one. (Oh wait. I see a trend here. They didn’t know I applied to SIMC either.) Dad dropped me to the office and although I was called ‘immediately’, the recruiters did not seem to be in any hurry to talk to me. I waited, observed, smiled at some people and just sat there wondering – what do I expect? What do I talk about myself.

I was finally ushered into a room and it was a very relaxed interview. I vividly recall the interviewer saying, ‘Your articles were fine and all. There were a few errors that aren’t too serious. But tell me, was there any purpose that you kept it all in italics?’.

‘I just like how it flows’, was my response. There was some amount of bewilderment in his expressions and then we laughed it out. But it’s true. I like that things will flow. Do you know, a hand-writing expert once said to me in 10th grade, that how you right actually reveals a lot about your state of mind. A left title to your overall writing indicates that you tend to linger in the past, a right-side tilt means that you are constantly thinking about the future. Yes, those of you with a straight, no-tilt writing, are more rooted in the present. P1120314

It’s amazing isn’t it? Little things that have so much significance. My room-mate and I are currently watching Westworld and I can’t help but think about the reveries bit. Small, seemingly insignificant things, harboring greater impacts than seen on the surface.

I’m digging through the archives for old photos and memories. Will be back soon.

So long, amigos. Stay safe! 🙂