I don’t understand why I should do that to you. 

Why should I put you on a pedestal when I don’t do that to muself. 

Why should I link everything you, to everything me. 

If I’m having a bad day and want to reach out to you. And you’re not there, can I get mad? 

If you’re having a bad day and you don’t reach out. How am I supposed to know, and  why does that make me bad? 

It takes two to make it work. 

I keep hearing that it’s got an amazing and a lovely perk.

Do you see it happening? The happily ever after? 

When day by day, the communication is sparse and so is the laughter. 

Not everything is measured, there isn’t any need for it. 

But despite trying, if it’s not becoming a hit,

Perhaps it was a flop,one from the beginning. 

Time and situations, making it infuriating. 

You’re always finding faults and I’m left wandering. 

Maybe I’m just fresh out the oven, soft and burning. 

I’m in a Happy space. Its all going okay.

That’s  exactly what you don’t get, the feeling of okay. 

Wake up, breathe and smell the coffee. 

Oh  wait, it’s empty. That’s life, it’s all iffy.