It’s not a date…


You cannot come into my life so late,

And expect to be my best mate.

I am mean, selfish and bad.

You cannot change me, I’m not a fad.

If you can’t get me, don’t belittle,

I’m not your melodious, favorite fiddle. 

You don’t need to lower your expectations,

But you’ve got to remember everyone has their tribulations.

Look at us, it’s been so short a while,

It doesn’t feel like we’ve even walked a mile.

You need to know, you are not my moon.

If I called you that, I’d be the loon. 

Just remember, we’re not auditioning to be a toon.

Let me find my way,

Don’t hurry me into a sway.

Our journey together has only began,

Don’t push me away, for I’m being taken.

Let’s wait together and give it time,

For it’s still yet to come, our prime.

I can’t show you love the way you want it,

Let me shower it on you when you least expect it.

I’ve got a lot of pride,

Don’t think I’ll make a good bride.

I’ve built my fortress strong and firm,

Equipped from experience for a storm any term.

To reach the sanctum, you’re gonna have to break some walls,

It may need us both to take a few falls.

I’ve got a ready tongue,

So much that the fun loses pun.

But I’m as perfect as perfect can be,

In my mind, that’s how I see me.

I’m putting myself first, it’s what I do.

Wood carvings and lead, I’m a writer, so.

I give you the right to sharpen me,

Throw the shavings and a jagged edge you’ll see.

Let’s walk together, and see how we fare.

Handle each other with a little more care.