What’s Your Medley of melodies? 

Can the same song play in your head at all times of the day? A constant lullaby that soothes you and encourages you to stay happy? 

I’ve been writing exams, trying to study, walking, coloring and going about life with this melody in my head. For all change, it doesn’t disappoint. It isn’t among the things that annoys, it instead brings a smile and makes me want to write this post. 

Do you have a song that’s constantly by your side, motivating you and staying a witness to your fantasies of life? 

How does it make you feel? Tell me more! 

A life wasted…

This was written a long time ago. I’m only sharing it now because sometimes your art needs expression.

“I feel so lost, like an abandoned bird.
All I want to do is wipe my past.
Like clearing the mist, that is cast on glass.
That once cleared, will forever vanish.
I want to be free, of the guilt that isn’t mine,
But holds me down, like it’s sown in me.
What a bygone thing it is, the feeling of joy.
All I can do is stare at a blank.
A shroud so dark envelops me how.
I fear I’ll never see the light of day.
The simple things, that made me gay.
I’m afraid I’ll never cross its way.
What was my sin, O pray tell me ??
For an eclipse, this size to fall on me.
The innocence of youth, you stole from me,
To give me only sorrow and pain,
My only wish now, is to die in vain.
For you to remember, I’ll etch on my grave,
A life that is wasted in your name ………”