And The City 

Everything you watch, influences you. Everything that influences you, makes you want to watch it. The Glass has some water and you can choose to see it either way but  I’ve made my peace with the fact that you are what you read, watch, talk to, think about and live with. 

I’ve been through Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, White Collar, How I met your mother, Make it or break it, and The middle besides a few other sitcoms. I’ve just began my sojourn with Carrie Bradshaw and her pals, and yes, all the characters bear resemblance to people in my life. 

To think of it, Sex and the city is not so different from the lives that you’re living. Whether it’s the mystery of arranged marriages or the romance of first love, you don’t escape the title unless you’re living in a village with no electricity. You deal with people on a daily basis. You get your relationships screwed on a daily basis. What was some great Friendship yesterday, can become a regret today and perhaps command you to a better tomorrow. Either way,  here’s a pretty  wish for you.  Sleep soon. 
In hindsight, that was an extremely sleepy me writing a blog post. 

Word Wisdom

Hi there!

It’s a windy and calm afternoon and I’ve loads of assignments to do. What’s the plan of action you ask? Indulge in my hobby, dabble in some art and finally when I have run out of my creative juice, work on the assignment. That is really easy to say but will I really stick to myself and finish my work within five or six pm? Now, that’s yet to be seen.

I’ve been missing word play and I thought I’d take a break from my life stories and trinkets to talk about words that I really like. (Mostly because they feel good on the tongue ūüėČ )

Insinuate – To suggest or hint in an unpleasant way, usually not directly. Remember the evil and monstrous creature who was forever insane about his precious? Yes, Gollum! You must have been aghast at how he manipulated Frodo to believe that Sam was the bad guy. Yes, that is insinuation.


Hypochondria – Do you have that one friend who’s constantly worried sick about her health? These guys worry about all the serious health issues that you could think about and they’re so scared they’re suffering that it sometimes ruins the fun.¬†Maybe it’s time you took him or her seriously and get them diagnosed in the right manner at the soonest.


Staccato – It is a musical sound or note that is separated¬† from the others. Usually when used in a manner of speech, staccato implies an abrupt utterance, each syllable being enunciated separately. I came across this word in The Glass Palace and it went thus, ‘He was speaking in staccato bursts, the sentences punctuated by coughs and pauses’.

For some reason, it conjures up an image of smoke rings to my mind. hqdefault

Shot In The Arm – For the longest time, I thought this had a negative connotation for why else would you find your arm in trouble? Only recently did I discover that ‘shot in the arm’ actually refers to something that boosts your morale and has a positive effect on you.

I recently won a quiz competition that was conducted on college premises and many would call it a shot in the arm. To be honest, it was a multiple choice quiz and I just guessed my way through. As luck would have it, my answers turned out to be right and that’s how I came to win it. So much for quizzes, eh?


Demur – Often confused with ‘demure’ which means being shy and hesitant, demur is a word that hasn’t found as many takers in the English language. Demur actually means raising objections and showing reluctance.


See you soon!


Happy reading ūüôā



#ThirtyTrinkets Day 18

Mission: Suicide

Status: Accomplished

Favorites 1: Deadshot aka Will Smith 

Favorite 2: Harley Quinn aka Margot Robbie

Seating: Uncomfortable

Day: Pleasant

Food: Happy.

Company: Good

Collateral Damage: Misplaced Lunchbox

Reason For Damage: Amnesia

Hi there!

That pretty much sums up my day and my feelings towards the incidences of the day.Here’s the trinket that accompanied me to the city and have a whole lot of fun and good conversation. You ever feel like some people ¬†get you but you cannot tell them that you get them too, it’s those days. Also, can totally imagine some of the stories being played out in front of me. A great storyteller¬†gets the best visuals out from the listener.



Shout out to my ex-roomie for this pretty awesome pair of studs. I love how the colour contrasts my usual drab appearance (I could give Black Beauty a run for money today. Nah, whom am I kidding!


P.S, was I psychotic to think that Joker and Harley make such an adorable pair together? :/



#ThirtyTrinkets Day 17

It’s another happy day. I’m on a Rollercoaster ride. Despite having a long day at the academic block where I fought mental strife, controlled my sleep and lived with the pain in the ass (literal one, because I was sitting from ten to six), it was a pretty chilled end to the day. ( A shot-ful one if you know what I mean) Are you getting tired of my trinkets? The days never seem to end do they? That’s what happens when you undertake a project for yourself.

I am not happy with WordPress’s latest updates. Apparently my 2G net on the phone is not enough to upload the pretty(I like to believe they are) pics that need to go with my posts. Here I am, re-editing the post.


I bought this in a relatively new gift shop in Kammanhalli when I was actually gift shopping for somebody else. (I forget who? Oh! Was it the Secret Santa that I had to gift in Office? I found this irresistible and got it because I knew if I hadn’t, I’d think and obsess about them for a while.)


Adios for now. I’m hoping to go out for a movie Tomo and get a lot done on the room scene too, it’s that day of the month when you really need to tidy up your living quarters.

So long.

Harry Potter and The (Non) Cursed Day 

Yes! It’s been a week since my last post and what an exciting  time it has been. It began with Ashu coming over to visit me and culminated with me reading The Cursed Child. It cannot get better than this. Period. 

For a while when you can escape from trivial problems and have hope that everything is okay, that’s when you’re at your mental best. 

I spend the entire day, part of it actually, reading Harry Potter and it felt like coming home, that’s how much you belong here. And Harry! I absolutely love the person you are. And Daniel Radcliffe too. I’m personally indebted to the casting director of this franchise. While the movies may have not done justice to the books, the faces couldn’t have been better. I understand that this play had a lot of controversy going because of the actor who played Granger, it would be a brilliant surprise if the movie cast had reprieved their roles for the play. That’s me being too greedy so I can live with that. The story works out way more beautifully in my head any way. HE Rowling, you… (adjectives fail me here). It’s a pleasure to read you because you instill hope in us. You encourage us to hang in there and I appreciate that resolve when it comes from us humans.