#ThirtyTrinkets Day 7

Back in sixth grade, when I was friends with the three wonders of the world, Natty always used to say this particular phrase that I’m reminded of, everytime that I see this pair of earrings and I instantly want to wear them.


Her phrase? ‘Kismat ka taala, khul gaya!’ it’s so cute when a twelve year old says something like that with. You just want to stop what you’re doing and state.
Yes, these earrings are from Riyadh. I still have a couple of trinkets from Saudi that are personal favourites and this is one of them. I was too sleepy yesterday, and there was a lot of gossiping in my room, for me to take time off and write yesterday’s. So it’s the first thing I’ve done today. As I write this, I’ve already made up my mind to bunk the first hour of lecture, do some laundry and finish off some long pending work. And guess what! Imma meet Saman the Baman today. If you don’t already know her, scroll back until you find the post and have a good laugh!
Adios, amigo 🙂

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