#ThirtyTrinkets Day 6

Stud earrings have been a favorite since ages. Compact and professional, I love how easy it is to make style statements with these.

Diamond studs for elegance

This pair was gifted to me by just another guy, who’s ironically been an instrumental part of my life.

I almost came close to losing one of this today but I’m glad that I realised it in time. This earring goes back to the day I landed an internship, after a relatively long period of rejection. Was one of the most pleasant days in the longest time. More on that, later! 🙂

#ThirtyTrinkets Day 5

What better way to test your resolve at writing everyday than by making a commitment to yourself that you wouldn’t dare to defy.

For day five of my project, I chose these cute little butterflies.


Flutter by.

I bought these cutsies in Pondicherry on a hurried and hassled trip. This is the easiest earrings to chose when you’re confused about what to match your outfit with! I bought this in those exhibition stalls when dad and I sneaked off away from aunt and mom to explore the bazaars of the area.

Missings and musings.

I’ve always had good friends but life has always been characterized into phases and friendships also. Just like dysfunctional families, a term I really like, even my relation with my friends is dysfunctional.

Most are the heart warming, genuine, I’ll be there for you always kinda people. Some are the exes. Long forgotten, but they reside in the deeper throes of thr heart, cause they cannot be forgotten. I’ve realised that it’s harder to make friends as you grow older. My general observation is that people are less open to deep interactions, I find that a precursor to great relationships. Shared emotions, common enemies, childhood secrets, crushes, heart break, usually, one needs to open up deeply on a personal level to feel that connect with someone else. Not many are willing to do that in real life now and most prefer the convenience of virtual life to fester and foster in the old friendships.

I’m cleaning out my room and trying to set everything for the next one year. It’s going to be a crucial year, this. Both personally and professionally. And as I rummage through my folder, I find among other things, the promise of hope. An unsaid promise that cannot be broken simply because it was never meant to be one. I read it in the words and I know that a lot of what I believe in and know is going to change. It has to…nevertheless, some familiar comforts, some lights, will guide me home.


#ThirtyTrinkets Day 2

I slept fitfully through the night, with the alarm off and the curtain almost closed. It’s day two of college and I was already running late. So I picked this up to contrast the black Kurta and blue leggings that I’d chosen.

Colourful terracotta danglers

What’s the story here?
This pair of earrings actually comes with a locket that is rarely used. Mum bought two sets that had some small differences in the way they were designed. After much deliberation in choosing the one I’d wanted for myself, I gifted the other pair to a cousin, an aunt rather, on her vacation in Bangalore.

Something about the colours in this pair of danglers (teal and lavender) uplift my mood and add a dash of funk in a rather sombre outfit.
So that’s my trinket of the day!
Adios 🙂


A project that I’ve undertaken to document the smaller things in life that yield a small shot of happiness in this weird wide world.

Here’s an interesting thought that I’ve had for a few days now. What better day than Flashback Friday to start off with a new theme for my blog?

#ThirtyTrinkets is a portal to my small and select world of earrings or accessories.

I shall post a picture a day, and in the process, wear something new every day, and possibly share a memory or incident associated with it. Usually, everything you own has a story, you only need to look at it and remember it.

Here goes today’s!

Silver rings, pretty rings!

What better way to start off a commitment than with a pair of classics. The silver rings never go out of style and this one usually always reminds me of mom. She knows my love for silver artefacts and despite having lost a pair that was very similar to the one in the picture, she bought me these beauties a while ago.

I find these earrings comforting. When I’m confusion, stick to rings! 🙂

Let’s see what the mood calls for tomo!
Adios! Stay safe 🙂


It’s two fifteen in the night and my alarm is set for an ambitious wake up call, just after three hours. I had a fight. A bad one. Something that leaves you questioning the foundation of your relationship. My person said we’d speak tomo but it’s too late for me. Now is what I want. Comfort is what I crave. An acknowledgement, some cajoling and a happy end. Stuff that Disney films are made of perhaps? The Grim brothers had vastly different ideas of fairy tales.. They were ghastly and grotesque, not befitting the eyes or ears of children but definitely apt for adults. Perhaps we need situations to grow out of positivity? To remain but consistent in struggles and strife because bravado can be wrongly interpreted as selfishness? What are it’s boundaries? When is it okay to be mad at your people and when do you decide whether to give in to their demands or to prioritize yours? Do you ever? Wil you change the cycle anytime soon?
My head feels like Meredith Grey ‘s. There are a million things on but at the forefront is a voice. It tells me a lot of things that I want not to do. And no. I d cannot sleep. Futility is sometimes the stuff of life. Adios.