And another…

Sometimes in your life, nothing goes right. These are times that have you wondering whether there was a grain of truth in your grandma’s beliefs – that of planetary motions and stuff.

I’m having a deeply troubling situation here. My beliefs are being questioned and how! This city of dreams is slowly becoming one of unparalleled horrors. The one weekend when I was supposed to have great plans – not to forget the irresistible office party, with an exotic flavouring of ‘Punch’, I fell so sick that I had to leave early and miss all the fun.

Here I am, nestled in a relative’s house and I remember shirking from the very idea of staying with any relatives in Mumbai (There are plenty here. Actually, every state might have someone, except for the largely ignored North East. Perhaps, I can set up base there and I might even fit amongst the locals thanks to my small eyes and toothy grin.) Anyway, I don’t understand why it’s so tumultuous to get by here. The first weekend, there was the flood, the second, there was abject home-sickness, and third, now, a combination of food poisoning and the vastly common, common cold. Why bro?

Rather, Why ma? (Remember, it’s the motherland, not the brotherland)

I am so tempted to ask Why Me?

And I remember the rhetoric from so many movies and novels. I bet you a dime, nobody’s found answers to that one peculiar question.

So how do I comfort my lonely self this warm (I’m literally hot if you know what I mean) night?  I’m ranting aloud in my head as my hands are working overdrive in converting speech to text, I am lulled into a false sense of security  trying to imagine Harry being cooped up in his closet. Indeed, for all of you who are so curious – that’s what my PG resembles: It’s like living in Ron’s Attic, and no surprise there, I am the ghoul! (Down to the drippy nose and contagious disease)\

So yes, I bought my first ever copy of Harry Potter. Numero uno of course, I couldn’t imagine breaking the sequence and ordering the 3rd, 5th or 7th one. (The odd ones, they  happen to be favorites.)

So after this useless for you (maybe slightly useful for me) rant, I shall delve deep into the tales and lull myself into sleep.


Accio book!


You take care.

Do not succumb to the Mumbai Madness.

I dare you not, you won’t like it one bit.




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