Here’s a trip down memory lane wherein I publish posts that were saved as drafts.


April 2015:



I’ve been working as a content writer at this really fun place for a while now. 7 and a half months to be precise. And it has been such an illuminating experience. A lot of people told me while I was still a struggling student (hey it’s not just models and actors okay, engineers struggle too ) that I just had to find a job after the four years spent between books, friends, and movies. They told me that the dynamics of work life was way more advanced than college life. That’s probably the best advice I heard about careers.
I passed out in the bleak monsoon of 2014. After having refused to sit for IT placements in college, life was pretty directionless. So I graduated as a Chemical Engineer, and I didn’t know what the hell to do in life. My life goes by the mantra, when in doubt, travel!

And that’s what I did. Though I wouldn’t exactly call it travel in its realest sense. I spent close to a month meeting and greeting relatives in the city of dreams. Mumbai enchanted me like never before. It spread its arms wide and embraced me into the fast-paced city life, keeping me awed and amazed, willing me to do more.
I was considering a masters degree in food technology. Don’t ask why. I just woke up with a dream one morning and felt so positive that I wanted to be a food technologist. How hard could it be? I loved food, didn’t I? And technology? Well I’ve been studying heat exchangers, flash drums, and process control units. Could it get any harder?

In hindsight, I’m really thankful that my epiphany was short lived. Just like the length of a Hollywood movie. Wait, it wasn’t that short. Let’s make it Bolywood, considering that I researched the best universities in the UK, argued with my parents, miserably failed to convince them of my designs, and due to the excitement of my brother’s threading ceremony, missed an important deadline to one of India’s best food tech college. I was so pumped about this exam and so confident of making it, I just kicked myself when I missed the date.

C’est la vie.

I happily accompanied an uncle to Mumbai, conveniently avoided meeting him again. (He spent two months at home and repeatedly narrated so many stories, that I debated lip syncing to those stories as a career option.)

Sad to leave Mumbai, I hauled my sorry behind back to Bangalore and delved into creating a ‘good resume’. I updated online job portals and declared myself an excellent chemical engineer and began the wait. That wait, was horrendous.

Just to satiate my alter ego, I created a second profile. That, which indicated my interest in content writing. This was one of the better ideas thatI had had in life. I finally began to be noticed by the portal! Guess that’s how aspiring actors feel when they get ‘noticed’.
After about 3 months of chilling, cribbing, procrastinating, watching endless movies, my stars aligned on a weird Wednesday and got me two interviews on the same day.

The immature side of me wanted to attend the interview of this company that was really far from home. I don’t know what I was thinking. After I spent forty-five min at the bus stop miserably awaiting my turn for the mighty transport that never showed up, I let it go.
That was a sign. A very blatant one. Drum told me to STFU and go attend the second interview. Most chilled out interview ever. Got the job and made some amazing friends.



February 2016:


I’m in the midst of another happening phase – college! The real deal, really! Just the way you pictured it thanks to the movies, except there’s plenty of work to be done and assignments to be submitted. The going has been great and here’s to a lot more planned decisions that get shelved and turn out to be haphazard, yet chaotically great!



Dil, Dhadakne Do?

Dysfunctional families, complicated relationships and societal pressures. Those are the exact words to describe ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’. My apologies for the late review, but I had resisted watching this movie because I found it to be way too hyped when I saw the trailer. After having been subjected to a boring drive when Sherlock was too much to handle, I switched over to Dil Dhadakne Do – Let Your Heart Beat.

As I write this post, I have seen three-fourth of this movie. I write this with an ironic eye. What is this movie if not a mirror to our lives? The realities that some of us distance ourselves from, the elusive dream, the status that we crave, the desires that are perhaps not fulfilled when you want them the most… and we shrug it away like it really doesn’t matter when deep in your heart, you know you’ll always crave for it.

The movie mirrors many of these and for some strange and sickening reason, maybe because I am a cynic, I feel that the end of this will be just the way are – aware yet ignorant.

Choosing to bear things than to fight them through. Fighting takes courage, even in admitting what you know to be the truth. Sometimes, actually a lot of times, it is just easier to give in.

And Now that I’ve finished watching the movie, I have to admit that a little more optimism won’t be a bad thing.

Why does the end have to be so dramatic? I’m sure people will get the subtleties too but no, this is Bollywood and it thrives on melodrama.

Because airport scenes are passe, we now have the protagonist jump into the water to go and find his love, not withstanding the fact that he can arrested for trespassing through territorial waters. Dude, you could have at least taken your wallet or passport?

Of course, his entire family has to jump into one lifeboat not without prior drama. For reasons unbeknownst to rationality, the Indian dudes have to ambush the ‘goras’ with their sheer strength and power, and let the patrons truimph. I don’t think we’ll ever move on to make commercial movies without naach gaana or ridiculous jugaad.


Here’s to happy endings though. Because believe it or not, if not everything, some things in life, they will turn out just fine:)

Dil? Dhadakne Do. 🙂