Exams? Chillax bro.

It’s that time of the month again when anxiety is in the air and textbooks are neatly dusted and they say goodbye to the shelves. It’s the official ‘padhai‘ season and everyone you meet has only one question to ask you, ‘Done?’.

Now to the layman, it is an open-ended question. Done with dinner? Done with the movie? Done baking lasagna? Done climbing Mount Everest? Done with…. you get the flow. But what the person really wants to hear from you at this juncture in time is – ‘No man, I just started. Loads to do’. Validation is key to self-assurance. Few things make friendships stronger than having a lot left to be done, the night prior to an exam. I went through 8 semesters of engineering with LVV’s incessant ‘Kitna kiya?’ Come to think of it, annoying though I found it to be, I actually wondered why he didn’t ask them on the rare days that he forgot to!

Nya and I were walking up to the computer lab (we attempted to study) when a senior waved to us and asked if we didn’t have tests the next day. We replied in the affirmative and she gave us an incredulous look – ‘You guys look so happy!’. Well, we were dumbfounded there for a moment and trotted off wondering whether we were in for a rude shock at the test. Maybe we take refuge in the carapace that engineering indirectly offered. After passing three internals and one set of externals, add laboratory exam or programming, it’s safe to assume that we’ve written more than 150 exams in four years. I guess that is enough to tame the fear of exams and some of us have come to the conclusion that the only way to get around them is to get over them.

What I’m doing right NOW.

Also, have you ever felt like you can achieve your life’s potential just te day before an exam? I get these sporadic thoughts that may have a lasting impact on me if I religiously belive in it, but that surprisingly just fades after I’m ‘done’ with the exam. Did I mention I got a sudden outburst of energy and washed ALL the clothes that had collected in the bag – over a week’s worth of clothes, all washed. ( If you can’t study, this is how you put the adrenaline rush to good use)

I feel you, bro!

I’m not sure if I’m making a lot of sense here. But let’s get started with the studies. After all, I’ve to wake up to an onslaught of ‘How much done?’ at the breakfast table. Something tells me that it will override a major part of the day tomorrow and yours truly has really tired of her answer – ‘Everything. It’s the third revision going on!’ Ironically, no one believes me even then. 😐


There’s a good chance that this is going to happen in the midst of the paper tomorrow. :/

And finally, regardless of how much you’ve studied, this captures your emotions when you get the question paper!