Musings on a mellow morning…

Oft defined, frequently abused, and commonly misrepresented, love is a continually confounding phenomenon. What remains clear is that neither you nor I are qualified to attempt to comprehend it. Why then am I writing this post?
I’m just amazed at the audacity of hope. When it comes to love, it’s seemingly boundless.

I’ve known people who’ve loved, moved on, repented, and also those who pine for that one meaningful relationship that would allow them to experience life in an unparalleled universe. (That instance when a couple in a relationship ceases to acknowledge the world around them as they slip into an abyss of their own.)

Depending on how you like your glass, love can be the most significant thing in your world or it can be a load of codswallop. And it’s fair to say that the biased perceptions and experiences of the same can lead you to either of those trajectories.
It’s my observation that someone who’s been blighted by a lover has so much angst that neither do they see joy in the other’s happiness nor do they aim to find it in their own living, often using it as an experience to build walls around them. They often remain in a rut, their demeanor wary, with a relentless desperation. A wave so deep, it’s strong enough to rock people from their carapaces.


It’s funny how I can write about the most random things when what I really have to do is constructive utilisation of the most entity in the world—time. Yes, I’ve an assignment to work on. But I keep having these disparate thoughts that do not let me be. 

Eudaimonia was a take away from my first lecture out here at SIMC and it keeps me going strong. That and will power. I’ve to constantly remind myself about how lucky I am. Did I mention I saw a shooting star? My first! That was during my initial days here. Picture a calm breeze and a bunch of people singing under the open sky during a brief power outage and then that euphoric sighting. ❤

Now that I’ve let my thoughts flow into the pensieve, perhaps it is time to get back to the assignment. After all, there’s only so much philosophy that either of us can take.

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