I. Me. Myself.

I was just watching Vidya Balan on her chat show with Anupam Kher. And she said, don’t keep your heart’s desire closest to you. Make a wish, mean it and let it be out there. Let the Universe get the feel of your desire and then make it happen for you.
And she made this gesture.. of leaving a ballon or glow lantern up into the air, it just sounded and felt so right.
You know one other thing she said struck me, ‘You dictate how others treat you’.
You don’t want to be pushed about and stamped upon? Stop being a doormat.
You have a life. You see people come and make a difference in yours, they could give their views, they could tell you what or how to decide things of significance, they could be your life.
But, and it’s a big But.
It’s your life. It might take a week, some months, many years.. But they will leave. And the spotlight will be on you alone. Because your life, is yours alone to walk in.
Sometimes you might feel things aren’t going the way you want them to in your life, your dreams aren’t working out and it’s not entirely because of you? Find that source and change it. Mould yourself into who you want to be. And then, just go get them.
Go and be who you were born to be,


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