Bangalore- A Monday Un-blued.

Here’s what happened one of these days when I was affected with the blues of a typical Monday.

So Twinks asks me to accompany her to the British Library and I’m jubilant! It gives me something more refreshing to do than avoid my Grandma’s piercing questions about where my life is headed (I’m an Engineer now).

Having been to the library, I get to show off and act bossy. So we decide to meet up at the Shivaji-nagar bus depot and I buy the bus pass. (70 damn bucks for a day’s pass!! Just thinking about it makes me cringe.)

I must admit that when I first heard of the institution called the British Library, I had imagined a majestic building nestled amidst the luxurious Bangalore green, with a vast expanse of space. I visualized shelves arranged across the length of the room with books fighting for space, the musty sweet smell of old books pervading the air. But that notion was shattered dramatically when I set foot into the Library a year ago and found a modern-swanky setting. The place was all of one floor with books vying for space between DVD’s and CD’s. I remember asking in astonishment-Is this All??

Yet, the cool scented air, myriad collection and well maintained books impress. Twinks and I were like lost sheep. She succumbed to its charms and got a membership and emphasised that it was to gain knowledge about History and Geography. Her intentions cast a serious doubt in mind when she got the first periodical issued- A Football Magazine! Complete with the profiles of the hottest stars on the Cover page. I guess she meant history of the players and geography of –err  sorry, I digress.

Our next sojourn was Cubbon Park. Memories of childhood days spent on the Toy train, swings and the Columbus ride came rushing back to me. It was a ritual to play, get exhausted and colour my tongue with the ever-pink favorite-Cotton Candy. *Drool* That hasn’t changed till date!

 We discovered that they now have an entrance fee to this section of the park. It was so pleasant to sit on rocks under the shade and eat the rolls we had packed for lunch. It is somewhat Ironic that the heart of Bangalore-which houses the bustling streets of MG and Brigade road, can also be such a peaceful place.

Next on the Menu: Indian Coffee House. As the name says it, this has to be the coffee enthusiast’s paradise. I’ve walked by Church Street so many times and have always managed to miss this outlet. Remind me to thank my Pal Udox who revealed its exact location. Walk in and don’t be surprised to feel that you’ve entered an old era. The waiters still dress in white starched uniforms with a red and gold bordered turban. The posters on the wall are ancient and intriguing and adds to the allure. We saw a lot of people, yound and old frequenting the place. Hence I  don’t think I’m biased in saying that the steaming cup of coffee, it’s one of the Best Coffee I’ve had ! 

After this blissful cup of extravaganza we headed to Indiranagar and sunk into the couch at a friend’s place. The day simply gets gets better when the mind gets Information to process(read gossip, especially the nefarious kind).  We might have continued exploring a comic cafe in the neighborhood had rains not played spoilsport. So we called it a day And I headed home to read- Stop in the name of Pants by Louise Rennison. In hindsight, that was not a wise choice! *Sigh*

There’s something genuinely nice about a day well spent with friends, books and coffee. That, then, is the key to Un-blue-ing your day! 🙂    

a cup of coffee