I hate rains!

And monsoon! And being drenched. And all that comes with the season of wetness. I know they’re necessary and they’re the backbone of the agro industry of india but still the dirt, the puddles, the floods they appall me.

But there has been just one exception so far..

In the monsoon of 2013, I had the good fortune to do my first Engineering Internship at Kaiga Nuclear Station, Karwar. My emotions for the one month preceeding that ranged from disappointment, hope, despair and finally elation at having it confirmed and the details sorted!  (You know the sine curve? That was pretty much how It turned out. )

It was after all the excitement wore away that I realised I’d be heading off to the hills/forest area where the rain stops only to take a breather and return with full force, if not more ! 

For a rain hater like me, I couldn’t have selected a worse timing! July 15th, the thick of monsoon, I’d be living with the best and the worst ….my dream (the internship) and a parallel nightmare (The rains)… 

Weirdly enough, My perception of it changed on the first day itself.. I was put with a bunch of kids (read engineering juniors-There’s something about being a senior that makes all the juniors seem like bachas) and from a sunny warm day, it became one of continuous downpour.. I thought We’d wait at the canteen until it stopped but no! These showers wait for none.

Everyone took out their shields for defense and rattled along (Hey the umbrellas really did feel like armour then). Nonetheless I ventured feeling brave and within the first ten minutes, with the exception of my face and sleeves, I was wet! Grr. The worst affected were my feet.

I looked around to share the annoyance, but being native to the region, no one else was as bothered. They were equally harrased but enjoying it! After 2-3 days of living amidst the lush greenery, I realised this was fun! The rains had a way of knowing exactly when people left for work and when they returned. It was as if the clouds waited for our presence outside to begin their shower.. The nights were cosy because of the constant assurance the buzz brought .. No surprise then that the few days I didn’t sleep well it hadn’t rained the night.. I didn’t mind it! Not even when I got completely drenched one evening despite having my shield..Something had changed! 

I had the best time ever in a place which was foreign to me, I met some amazing people and heard some amazing stories and got to know a little something about nuclear science and I can’t thank them enough for the memories and learning! 

And one day as I watched the scene outside my window, this came to me !

The insatiable wind lashes hard, I become at once, nature’s bard,

I lay in wait, this muddy path, for rain to subside, the fury it hath,

A few seconds, an eternity of time, the feet collects sand and grime.

I walk a mile, I’m fully drenched, My parched soul, its thirst quenched.

A breeze ruffles, I feel the chill, this mellifluous flow, I hear a trill.

I raise my brow in obeisance to thee, Oh monsoon! you’re a marvel to me ”