Students~And all that comes with them!

Engineering Diaries : A blithe look at student life!

After the umpteenth tiff at home regarding the use of a vehicle to commute to college, I got to thinking that no one understands the complexities of a student’s life aside from well… us ?The to be graduates.

So I’m telling my parents, that I do not need a vehicle to take me to my godforsaken college in a godforsaken land to show off my vehicle. For heaven’s sake it’s just  a dented piece of golden hued two-wheeled machine, not a Ferrari!

Never mind that, I’m reminded that Its insurance is pending for renewal and the grooves of the tire are almost flat, thus making it accident friendly!

I’m pretty sure the psychology goes ‘You beta, are pretty dear to us, even if we shall never make an obvious show of it.’ But hey! You need to do new things and make mistakes to keep going! If that isn’t expressed, it’ll be an interjection with the plea ‘Oh dear! It’s so freaking far! You’ll be exhausted just riding till there. Use the local bus na? It’s so comfortable, you don’t have to strain a muscle’.

 Clearly, Moms haven’t got the faintest idea of how unsafe public transport can be. I bet she hasn’t had the worse possible combination of sweat and god-knows-what oil killing your nostrils from the heads around ..Or of the groping and  pushing and getting a free massage as the conductor moves about and you’re squished between what not!

Nevertheless, our clever parents have also travelled in bus at your age and that pretty much makes the argument one-sided and pointless.

And don’t even complain about the distance! ‘Beta, had you studied just a little more during your 12th std, you would have definitely gotten into a better institute nearby and you wouldn’t have these problems!’

Yes Ma, I would sincerely believe that if I didn’t belong to the General Merit category!!

Anyway all those arguments actually led to me missing the first hour classes of every damn day so as to avoid some of those horrors.

 Point to be noted:  Attendance is thus drastically reduced(irrespective of how many full days I bunk) making it impossible to maintain a 75% requisite of our beloved college to write a freaking internal! Did someone say this was my fault?

Nay? Thought so too. But my princi doesn’t get it… . :/


My qualms about the so-called pocket-money are endless.

Firstly, It shouldn’t be called ‘pocket’ money, cause the time it spends in the place dedicated to it hardly does any justice to its name! That cash is indisputably the main contribution of  box office collections. Not to forget the bakery or xerox stalls outside college!

It’s weird how Little our parents really know and understand us..It’s just those select few crack heads you fondly call friends who are your partners in crime that get what you’re getting at.

 A Hugh Jackman’s movie releases and you’re feeling bleak cause you spent that last dime eating munchies which you know is bad for u? Sigh, I know that feeling.

But then comes an, ‘Ay we’ll adjust man, let’s go catch the movie, If we don’t see it today, we never will! ’ Ah, music to the ears!

Friendships, crushes, Break ups, they’re a part of every student’s life. That Is, if they have a life!

So Anyway,

 I had a pretty rocking day. The downsides were:

1) I Woke up early to study and attempt to kill Process Integration. That didn’t do much good. I can’t show off my skills at drawing composite curves. :/ 

2) The Cold war before leaving home (because of the moped) was pissing off!

But hey I have a lot more to account for:

1) I Didn’t waste any ink or paper writing those easy internals. Haven’t I already mentioned? I’m going green! This is my bit for the green crusade.

2) I watched Besharam. Yeah, I’m still alive and in one piece. (My resilience to crappy movies amazes me!)


3) If You read it till here, you’re obviously more jobless than me,  I feel So good that you almost made my day… but a cup of coffee would most certainly make my day  😉

So yeah, until we meet again, save ink and paper and make the world a better place.


 : )