Happie Birthday Natty :D

Wow. I made this blog sometime in Jan, and I’m yet to write any thing intense. As the old age adage goes, “Time flies” And how!! So, here I go rambling to make up for lost time!

Where do I start!?

It’s my best friend’s birthday today! And we live 2 states away. She’s This bubbly drop of sunshine who’ll just come into the room and change the entire atmosphere.. Hehe, You’ll start feeling warm and fuzzy for no reason!(quite unlike the tornado effect). If You feel slightly low, you speak to her and she’ll make u feel like You’re the most wonderful person u know! ( aside from her, cause she’s too awesome) Ah, she’s crazy, my friend, hence for good reason, i call her Natty! Really goes with her personality! ( and very close to her name! ) 

Yeah, so we live two states away, and phone numbers away. And yet, it’s been close to 7 years since I actually heard her voice. It’s weird,. but somehow it just doesn’t seem to happen! I know you might just wonder how hard is it really to pick the phone n call her.. I feel mental saying this, but I’m scared!! it’s not like we haven’t tried.. we’re somehow caught up in our own different lives that the easiest way to get in touch is Facebook! ! there were times we’d be on that phone for hours until our moms would yell at us n say, “U ass, I’m the one paying for the telephone bill, would u consider holding up ?? !! ” And it also has to do with a fact that we have these tight strings around the wallet when it comes to money invested in the balance. Specially when mom has to refill them… The times that i do call her. she usually has these really important classes.. And later on, somehow i just don’t follow-up. Such a lazy ass I’ve become 😦

Time to break that nay? I think all those reasons were genuine sometime, and also just excuses.. The seven-year itch shouldn’t hamper our relationship anyway. it’s too precious to be affected. But I’m taking no more chances 🙂 So here goes the call 🙂